Friday, June 2, 2017

What is your breakfast of champions?

Everyone has one go-to breakfast that is guaranteed to start your day off right and get you where you are going! What's yours?

Mine is the soft-boiled egg!

When I was a youngster, I would put those jiggly eggs in a nest of cottage cheese, but now I love to nestle them into a cozy bed of greek yogurt for a delicious breakfast packed with protein and probiotics. A little salt and pepper, plus a tiny drizzle of olive oil, makes it a wonderful start to any day!

Learn your stove so you don't have to stand there waiting for a pot to boil - figure out the time from eggs in cold water to done just right! On our stove, it is 9 minutes, so I can put the eggs in and go get a few things done before the timer calls me back.

I almost cover the eggs with cold water, place the pot on medium heat, set the timer and walk away.

The bowl is prepped and the other ingredients on hand.

No, it isn't always pretty, but it is always tasty!

The final product, just before I devoured it!