Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Come eat my food this Sunday

So this Sunday is the Kickoff for the 2011 Eat Local Challenge and as part of the festivities we have 5 guest cooks (and yes, I am one of the cooks) who will do cooking demos every half hour from 12 - 3pm.

I've decided to cook Anna's African Greens

The recipe came from someone in Kenya via our very own Anna Prizzia. The combination of garlic, tomatoes and ginger just makes the greens melt in your mouth. It also has the added benefit of creating a powerhouse of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals all accessible in one tasty side-dish.

Hope you can come enjoy the Kickoff and Party at Kumarie's - but if you can't, get a bunch of greens and cook up a pot of yumminess tonight!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tips to get ready for the Challenge!

Well, just one week to go until the 2011 Eat Local Challenge begins. Since this is the 4th annual Challenge, I have learned a few tips to make sure I am ready to go on the very first day - which means we need to start now.

First, we need to eat up any non-local food we have in the house that we won't be eating during the Challenge - that little bit of ice cream in the freezer, those cheeses in the fridge and even the loaf of bread still in the breadbox. Not that we will go hungry with ice cream from Sweet Dreams, cheese from Cypress Point and bread from any of our locally-owned bakeries.

Next, we must make sure our pantry is stocked - basics like oil, vinegars, spices and herbs can make the difference between a bored locavore and a happy one! If you have decided to include them, also check your stock of grains, beans, flour, sugar and yes, butter. Consider using some substitutes during the Challenge - local ground corn products for cereals and flour, local honey in place of sugar, and while I suppose you could make your own butter - let's just not go there!

Finally, we check to see if we have enough pet food, dishwashing soap and paper products to last the month. I really try not to enter any big-box stores during the entire Challenge, although last year, I found myself doing late night runs (in disguise, of course) to get dog food and toilet paper. This year, I am stocking up in advance!

The Eat Local Challenge is not a road map to Locavore Nirvana, it is just a chance to see if you can eat a little closer to home, a chance to have fun with a new way of eating, and a chance to shake things up. Make the Challenge fun - get together family and friends to cook most of your meals at home, but be sure to visit some of our locally-owned restaurants that source local food.