Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Out to dinner at the Paramount Grill

I love to cook, but when invited to dine out at a restaurant of my choice, I am thrilled. My cousin Susie who travels all over the world for business, but is based near New York City, came for a visit this past weekend.

Weekend plans included the art fest, La Chua trail and some local restaurants, but she wanted us to pick a restaurant we had not visited, but wanted to try. On the advice of foodie friends, we picked the Paramount Grill in downtown Gainesville.

Our early reservation on Sunday evening meant we were the first to arrive for dinner. Our server Daisy gave us wonderful personalized service that continued even after the dining room began to fill with other patrons.

Chef and owner, Clif Nelson, had taken the evening off, but you would never have known by the quality of food served. Artfully presented, the food was layered with flavors and brought "oohs" and "aahs" with each bite as a different taste sensation was discovered.

While pictures cannot do justice to either presentation or taste, here are pictures of my meal - fresh berry salad, curried tofu, and butterscotch creme brulee -