Sunday, November 1, 2009

The coolest dinner

We are in Atlanta and went to dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. Noodle bowls (Pho) were a menu staple, but I found something unusual - Vietnam wraps - with an unusual note next to the description - "self wrapping".

My dinner was presented as a plate of veggies and herbs, a plate of dry rice wrappers, a plate of grilled salmon (there was a choice of beef, shrimp or salmon) and a big bowl of steaming hot water.

After dipping the rice wrapper quickly in the hot water to soften it, I laid it on the plate and assembled my wrap. The veggies and herbs included lettuce leaves, bunches of Thai basil and cilantro on their stems, julienned cucumber and carrots, and bean sprouts. Also available were crushed peanuts, hoisin sauce and a couple of different hot sauces. The salmon was grilled with a crispy exterior and moist center. I made several wraps and it was a fun and yummy dinner.

I can easily see making these at home - just put out all the ingredients and let everyone wrap their own. And it is definitely a fun way to get the kids to eat their veggies.